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At PEN Play we work with therapists, teachers, communities and parents to create eco-systems and provide creative products and services that will enable people to reach their full potential through the powerful medium of PLAY.


To bring creative solutions to help as many children and adults to reach their full potential. By using PLAY to focus on cognitive development and developing Emotional Intelligence and Resilience and creating opportunities for FLOW and Mindfulness.


PLAY IS LEARNING. Play is exploration. PLAY is the Pathway to FLOW. Play is self-motivation. PLAY is Mindfulness. PLAY is FUN! PLAY is ageless.


PEN Play was founded by Dr. Petro Erasmus – Registered Educational Psychologist, Researcher, Remedial Specialist with a special interest in Neurodevelopmental Disorders and creator of Maths Whartels.


Using Play to develop:

  • Maths concepts

  • Study methods

  • Improve memory by developing memorizing techniques and -strategies

  • Perceptual development

  • Executive functioning

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence

  • Resilience

  • Coping strategies

  • Processing Speed

  • Metacognition

  • Impulse control



Dr Petro Erasmus is a registered Educational Psychologist, Remedial Therapist and Researcher with a special interest in Neuro-developmental disorders (Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD), Learning and Producing  Problems and the role of Play in the brain development of young children. Dr Erasmus's research interest on predictors of maths achievement in the South African context started in 2000 with her Masters studies to design a remedial programme in Maths for Setswana speaking / second language learners.

She has 30 years’ experience in teaching remedial maths for learners from pre-school up to Grade 11. Her PhD studies focused on study orientation in maths and emotional intelligence as predictors of maths achievement. She is the creator of Maths Whartels ( and founder member of the Let’s Really Play Maths Centres. The goal of these Let’s Really Play Maths Centres is to empower parents, teachers and therapists to use PLAY to help children improve their maths achievement and to develop a love for Mathematics from a young age.

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Annelezé Erasmus

Working with and helping people of all ages has always been my passion. I graduated with a degree in Human Movement Science from the University of Pretoria in 2012 and further obtained a degree in Physiotherapy from the same institution in 2016.

Currently I am practicing as a Physiotherapist working with both in hospital- and out patients. My main interest is in the Orthopaedic field and the rehabilitation of these patients.

I decided to get involved in the Whartels program as it was an opportunity to further my passion of working with people. The wide variety of concepts and elements within the Whartels program is what intrigued me to find out more. I believe the Whartels program has major potential in its interactive learning framework where learning through playing is emphasized.

I will be involved in the implementation of the Whartels program in the Gauteng region. We are looking forward to making you, your child, and your school etc. part of the Whartels experience! 


Jacqueline van Zyl

I am an entrepreneur and business owner for the last 15 years. After registering my first Mining permit in 2006 I had the privilege of exploring this exciting line of business. This journey took me from learning to operate my first excavator to various constructions sites, road building projects, adapting to the ever-changing economic climate, marketing and much more. Resilience was the most important aspect that stood out above everything else.


My passion is to help our youth as I did when doing youth development work after I matriculated while studying Theology. Kids need to learn from a young age to become resilient, learn coping strategies and ultimately be self-starters.


This motivated me to start a Lets Really Play Math’s Centre and help kids to not only see an opportunity, but to be well enough equipped to take it.


As a mother who does home-schooling, I understand the challenges parents face to ensure they give their children a solid academic foundations.


I’m excited to be part of this team and will be assisting with marketing, training and development of centers.

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